Beware of Green Products That Aren’t Really Green

Beware of Green Products That Aren't Really Green

Like a growing number of the world’s population I hold to the belief that protection of the environment is of the utmost importance; and that the new role for our political leaders is to work with each other to solve the pressing problems of climate change, impending food and water shortages, and the on-going pollution of the planet. It is becoming more and more obvious to more and more people that the ideological clash between left and right, conservative and liberal, radical and moderate is only of secondary importance to green issues.

Quite simply put, without a world there is no politics, injustice or capitalism. Think of that recent movie ‘The Road.’ Once eco-armageddon hits all of society and its mores collapse. Humans degenerate into cannibals.

I expect that I’m largely preaching to the converted but I needed to state my position so I can introduce my topic. I want to discuss how buying ‘green’ is another consumer trend that big business and internet marketers are exploiting to make money and to do this they are not performing due diligence. Namely, they are not really interested in checking to see if a ‘green’ product is really environmentally friendly.

My first example is the light bulb. We all realize that the incandescent bulb is not the best. It takes valuable resources to make and has a life expectancy of only a year or so. On top of that they use a lot of electricity compared to LED lights. Indeed LED lights are the way forward. They can be easily connected to solar panels via batteries, they last a long time and they are cheap to produce. The only problem is that LED lights often don’t give out enough light. At this point enters the villain, the CFL or Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb. CFLs last 7 times as long as standard incandescent light bulbs, they give off a fuller spectrum of light and they can save you $30 over the life time of a single bulb.

It’s energy saving and therefore fewer fossil fuels were burnt to produce the electricity to power the bulb. That is true, but it is NOT an environmentally friendly product because CFLs contain mercury. Perhaps this problem could be offset by strict laws to dispose of the product. This seems unlikely in Cuba and Venezuela who are implementing a complete change to CFLs. Mercury is a poison that nature cannot easily neutralize. It becomes more concentrated as it goes up the food chain, until it reaches critical mass and causes disease and death. Mercury was number three on the 1997 list of hazardous substances as outlined by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. In America one-in-six children born every year have been exposed to mercury levels so high that they are potentially at risk for learning disabilities, motor skills impairment and short-term memory loss. Don’t contribute to the mercury that is poisoning our soil and poisoning the sea food that we eat. In short don’t …

The Best Way to Living Green

The Best Way to Living Green

The number one way to save the environment and your bank account is to change the way you use energy. All it takes is to set your thermostat a few degrees lower in the winter and a few degrees higher in the summer to save money on the heating and cooling bill. By installing compact fluorescent light bulbs you can save energy. Also, try using a drying rack to save the energy that would otherwise be with a drying machine.

Believe it or not, saving water equals living green and it can lower the amount you spend monthly as well. Although it is hard to do early in the morning or on a cold winter day, try to take shorter showers to reduce water use. Installing a low-flow shower head can reduce your water and energy bill. Also, make sure you have a faucet aerator on each faucet as it will help conserve heat and water.

By now, you are probably well aware of the fact that less gas translates into less money spent. If you can, walk or bike to work rather than wasting away gas. If this is not a possibility, talk to co-workers and try to arrange a carpooling system.

Living green also involves what your food intake is each day. For those who do enjoy meat, simple skipping meat one meal each week can save exponentially. Another useful tip is to buy locally raised, humane and organic meat, eggs and dairy whenever possible. By purchasing green products from local farmers, it will help to keep money in your local community.

It is important to drink around 8 glasses of water per day, but this results in a lot of people purchasing one bottled water after another. Bottled water can become expensive over time, but more importantly it creates a tremendous amount of container waste. Drinking filtered water from an aluminum water bottle while on the road is much more efficient and will help you save money.…

Positive aspects of Organic Furniture in Bedrooms

Positive aspects of Organic Furniture in Bedrooms

Bedroom is really a spot attached with privacy, individual freedom, rest and yes, naturally sleep that makes it such a crucial location within the property. The organic furniture fits genuinely nicely in such a room exactly where its need and function is most worthwhile. With all the aid of organic furniture you are going to not merely bring in style and comfort for your room, but additionally bask inside the feeling of understanding that you’re generating an effort for the atmosphere.

You may not know the truth that the standard obtainable furniture, created of artificial resources usually are not eco friendly furnishings at all as they’ve an incredible prospective to harm your well being in addition to its surrounding environment. The companies of this furniture use preservatives within the kind of pesticides, formaldehyde as well as result in protect it from decaying and enhance its prolonged existence but those chemical poses really serious threat to humans also polluting the surrounding exactly where it is kept and later, disposed.

The organic furnishings are extracted from natural supply and created organically and soon after the final product, it retains its organic beauty and security excellent without having any involvement of unnatural preservatives that may possibly harm you or your environment.

The advantages of using the Organic Furniture

They’re Eco Friendly Furniture

Despite the fact that the organic furnishings doesn’t use dangerous chemicals that prolongs the lifespan in the furniture as well protects them from insects, nevertheless they serve greater and serve longer when in comparison with the regular hard-wood produced furniture.

This furnishings will not have any negative influence on the atmosphere and assists in lessening the waste exposed for the surrounding, owing to their enduring and a longer natural life in comparison to the synthetic composite wood. In actual fact, organic furnishings producers make just about every doable effort when compiling the furniture to lessen the adverse impact on the environment.

Excellent of air is improved with the introduction of Organic Furniture

The chemicals inculcated into the synthetic and other challenging wood furnishings breaks down gradually with time and gets embedded within the surrounding air. This polluted air affects the well being of the people today living in the property, causing challenges in lungs but organic furnishings does not involve any of these dangerous supplies that could pollute the air that you breathe inside your bedroom or at residence. So using the introduction of increasingly more organic furnishings for bedroom, the air is getting purer and safer for you to breathe in.

Improvement within the overall health of skin

It has been noticed that people employing the typical furnishings have been found with a number of skin difficulties like rashes, allergies and other skin illnesses that take location after they are available in get in touch with together with the non-organic chemical compounds present in the strong wood furnishings. The organic furniture eradicates the practice of any sort of non organic compounds present inside the furniture and therefore, keeps you at …

A Guide to Eco Friendly Furnishings

A Guide to Eco Friendly Furnishings

Buying new furnishings is really a major project, but is usually a large amount of entertaining acquiring just the right items. Most shoppers are seeking for the most effective combination of worth, style, and high quality. Getting green is becoming increasingly vital to both consumers and makers. It’s also an important societal topic right now.

Purchasing sustainable furnishings is one technique to aid the planet. It is a wonderful strategy to be environmentally friendly whilst also adding an item to your dwelling that you simply need. Irrespective of whether you happen to be buying for living area furniture, bedroom furnishings, or flooring solutions, you’re sure to locate an environmentally friendly option that is definitely suitable for you personally.

It is vital to know that you’re definitely acquiring an environmentally friendly furnishings item. To know when the furnishings you’re buying is sustainable you will discover some key elements to search for when purchasing. One particular point to look for will be to ensure that the wood has been appropriately harvested for making the furniture. Search for eco certifications and to see if the company is usually a part of any eco friendly groups or organizations.

One more issue to hunt for is usually to make certain that any and all waste resulting in the manufacturing process of your furniture is effectively recycled and that efforts are becoming made to cut down exactly where ever achievable. By recycling the waste, you as the customer will not be only getting the eco friendly furniture you wish and require, but you happen to be also undertaking your portion to save the planet.

When purchasing for sustainable furniture it truly is essential to shop only at retailers that sell this type of furniture. Prior to going out to get new furnishings contact about to diverse furniture retailers to make sure that they carry the furniture that required and to make certain that the wood that the furniture is made of has been legally harvested. You could also shop on-line, you can find a very big choice and buying on-line enables you to complete easily do side-by-side comparisons. By undertaking so, you can make sure that you happen to be getting green, guarding the earth, and still get the furniture that you just have to have.

Shopping for furnishings can be a entertaining expertise. And searching for sustainable furnishings is often a good way to satisfy your house decor demands when also reducing your individual environmental footprint. You will come across vast selections of furniture for every area inside the house also as a array of costs, so you might be positive to seek out some thing that fits your personal style as well as your price range at the similar time.…

The Prime 5 Recycled Products For the Dwelling

Recycling has become each of the rage nowadays. A number of people like to venture into recycle as a implies of making their house just a little extra “green.” Other folks may possibly do so as a implies of saving revenue. Others just do it for truly no explanation apart from they know it’s the right thing to do. The crucial here is that recycled solutions have a wonderful quite a few benefits linked with them. For those wondering what type of recycled merchandise would greatly benefit one’s residence, here is actually a appear at the prime 5 recycled products any and all residences would benefit from:

Tableware: Okay, some may possibly assume of your notion of acquiring plates and dishes made of recycled material to become a little bit minimalist. But, appear at it this way: you will need to buy these items for the residence at some point. Why not buy these products that have been properly recycled. Why contribute for the depletion of all-natural resources by buying products that have not been recycled – dishes and plates integrated!

Glass items: Glass is usually recycled and that is certainly why products produced from recycled glass are turning up in people’s homes with more frequency. Why not add recycled drinking glasses and bottles towards the collections of recycled plates and dishes? And, for that matter, once you have new windows installed within the property, why not insist that the windows be created of recycled glass?

Paper Items: Do you operate out from the house or ought to use your computer system to produce a lot of printouts and/or copies? In that case, it will be most effective to appear towards acquiring recycled paper. Wasted paper can frequently be deemed among the greatest misuses of products that will be correctly recycled. As such, it is actually absolutely very advisable to appear towards buying recycled paper if you have to replace the paper within your home which has run out. This notion can be extended to tissues, napkins, and also other such products inside the residence too. Really, the diversity of recycled paper solutions is really vast which is why its availability should really never ever be overlooked.

Compost: You might take into consideration composting to become a form of do it yourself recycling. That is certainly why getting a compost bin and placing it in your yard can be a big environmental plus. With compost, you return organic things towards the earth while also creating your garden appear spectacular inside the approach. Something from table scraps to old newspapers is usually placed in a compost bin and converted to organic garden feed. The approach will not be tough to do. It just takes some time. So why not look into it?

Workplace Supplies: Office supplies aren’t only made for use within a spot of employment. They are able to be utilized anyplace you opt to perform a little bit official company. These that must have …