Eco-Friendly Furniture – How to Find Greener Furniture

Eco-Friendly Furniture - How to Find Greener Furniture


Everyone who is attuned to current world affairs would know for sure that we are currently faced with an environmental crisis. It is a crisis that is threatening our very existence. Climatic patterns are changing. Rains are becoming haphazard. Periods of long drought are followed by severe floods. Phenomena such as tsunamis that were previously very occasional occurrences are nowadays taking placing with an alarming frequency. Species are becoming  in not too many years to come, we are told, our very own species may be one of the endangered species. And we are told that one way we can mitigate this, is through green living; that is, by making eco-friendlier choices.

It is from such a background then that when you next go shopping for furniture, you could find yourself – as a responsible citizen of the world – drawn to find eco-friendlier furniture. And in a situation like that, you could find yourself asking how to find greener furniture.

There are several ways to find eco-friendly furniture.

In order to be in a position to find such eco friendly furniture, it would help for you to be cognizant of the various facets of green living, so as to understand what would qualify to be termed as ‘eco-friendly furniture.’ For instance, we would need to see that one of the threats facing our eco-system stems from the unsustainable release of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. And from thence, it would follow that furniture which has been manufactured through processes that don’t lead to huge releases of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere can indeed be termed as eco friendly furniture. Since transportation is one of the biggest culprits as far as unsustainable release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere goes, it would further follow that furniture which has not been carried for too long distances would be termed as being more eco-friendly that furniture which has been ‘imported’ – and which so many of us are so proud of. In summary what we would be trying to work out is the ‘carbon footprint’ of the furniture.

Beyond interrogating the furniture’s carbon footprint, another facet of eco-friendliness would be in terms of what happens when we are through with using the furniture. Furniture made from bio-degradable material would be considered as being the ideal ecological choice. Where such (furniture made from bio-degradable material) is unobtainable, furniture made from recyclable material would at least be a reasonable compromise.

Once you have understood what actually constitutes green furniture, you can then set out looking for such eco-friendly furniture. Many traditional furniture vendors, aware of the concerns people are increasingly having about the environment have started making the eco-friendly furniture available to their customers. So you may check out what your local furniture vendor has, in this regard. Alternatively, you can take your search for eco-friendly furniture into the Internet. On the net, you are sure to find lots of green furniture on sale; as there are even some online vendors who have …

Ways to Buy Recycled Wood Furniture

Quality wooden furniture can be really expensive and you may not be able to afford it, although you have strong desires to own some. In such a situation it is best to buy recycled wood furniture, which will cost you less and will offer better quality and longevity than the new wood furniture.

Ways to Buy Recycled Wood Furniture

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Recycling wooden furniture is a part of the ecological process that uses the dumped materials, which are collected as wastes and then converts them to their original or artificial state. Recycling these materials reduces the negative impact on the environment and at the same time, it helps to reduce the overall cost of the furniture. This means that both you and the environment are positively benefited.

Buying recycled wood furniture

When you buy the recycled wood furniture, you need to consider a few things which are vital in understanding the quality of the product as well as in evaluating its value. Check properly whether the furniture includes the certificate of the Forest Stewardship Council, which will indicate that the manufacturer of this furniture contributes to this wonderful cause and is part of this council.

In the market of reused furniture, look for items that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which has developed even standards for forest administration and promotes the world’s forest to the people of the world. The Forest Stewardship Council is an internationally acclaimed recognition in forest management that is in demand for the restoration of the eco friendly products. It prevents cutting down of forests and other natural habitat, prevents the practice of harmful chemicals, checks the development of the hereditarily adapted trees, abides by the World Trade Organization regulations, brings in a balance in the ecological system and lastly it compliments the privileges of the native peoples.

Few other reliable certification standards includes the Rainforest Alliance that produces the Smart wood label, the Green Seal certification or the Green Seal label and the Scientific Certification Systems or the SCS label really keeps a measure of the standard of the different varieties of recycled wood furniture.

Until and unless the hardwood trees like teak, fir, mahogany, redwood, douglas and western cedar is certified by any one of the above mentioned organization, which secures the quality and standards of these woods and trees, you should not buy the recycled wood furniture as they may come from extremely rare old-growth forests.

You should be looking for the furniture that are made of recycled woods and are collected from old construction of buildings, dumped furniture or antique items. The use of such woods saves millions of dumped woods from wastage and also a good amount of money which would have been spent behind new wood constructions. The recycled wood furniture is safe to be used as they do not involve the practice of any pesticides or harmful chemicals and keeps the environment and your home, pollution free.…

How to Create a Home Spa Using Teak Wood Bath Decor

Why are spas so appealing to people? It is because spas create an atmosphere where you are able to relax and forget about your daily problems. People crave such an environment and that is why many of them pay good money to be able to experience it for only a couple hours, at most. However you can create a spa atmosphere in your own home just by picking out a few key pieces of furniture and doing a little redecorating.

How to Create a Home Spa Using Teak Wood Bath Decor

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The number one thing in creating a home spa is making sure that the room is clean and clutter free. Clutter prevents you from having a truly relaxing experience, your mind is unable to be at peace. Once your room is clean and organized you are well on your way to your very own home spa.

Next thing is choosing the right furniture and accessories. If you go into a spa you will notice right away that most of the furniture is made from natural materials, such as wood. This is because you feel best if you are closer to nature. Furniture in your home spa should be made from eco friendly wood, such as teak. The furniture you buy should be functional yet also aesthetically pleasing.

A few key furniture pieces are a must for your home spa. Every bathroom needs a mat, proper shelving and some decorative accessories as well.

Bathroom mats made from cloth are very inconvenient. They are an ideal places for bacteria to form and they tend to get dirty quickly. On the other hand a teak wood mat looks expensive in your bathroom, but is also very functional. It is easy to clean and comfortable to step onto.

Shelving is the most important part of your bathroom decor. It helps control clutter and also makes the space much more organized. There are many types of shelving to choose from. Some are purely functional, but if you are looking to make your bathroom a little more unique, a teak towel ladder is a perfect choice. This ladder is made to hold your towels, but it also includes a small shelf for your other bathroom products. If you prefer a more traditional decor, try a teak spa shelf. This is a simple yet elegant shelf made from eco friendly wood.

A spa stool is usually overlooked by consumers when purchasing bath decor. However this item is perfect when you need to relax after a bath or steamy shower. For women it is convenient when they are putting their makeup on. There is no doubt that a teak stool will find a purpose in your bathroom.

Once you have decluttered your bathroom space and have purchased the right eco-friendly furniture you are ready to enjoy your home spa. Now you can experience a luxuries of a spa salon, everyday.…

What to Look For in Shopping For Eco-Friendly Furniture

There are many claims from furniture manufacturers and retailers about the furniture on display at their showroom or website-about durability, comfort, value, and even about environmental friendliness or “green” qualities.

What to Look For in Shopping For Eco-Friendly Furniture

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Some considerations to think about when shopping for eco-friendly furniture, discussed here, will help you qualify what the terms really mean and what things are important and which are “puffery”.

Furniture and furnishings are the third largest user of wood and wood products, after building and paper, and there is a high transport cost of wood. So, if imported (from Asia especially), wood products will have a high “carbon footprint” for furniture sold in the US. However, there are some choices that you can make as a consumer, and a big one is the source of the lumber used.

In wood furniture and in the wood frames of upholstered furniture-there are two certifying organizations that the manufacturer will tout if they used certified sources. The most stringent is “FSC” (Forestry Stewardship Council) and is used mostly for export lumber and by European lumber suppliers. The same is true for PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification). Many domestic (US) lumber mills are smaller and only sell to domestic users and so adhere to and are certified by the SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) which is less stringent, but still require much more environmentally friendly practices than non-certified sources. The last audit of certified timberland in 2006 showed that less than 16% of US forestland is sustainably certified and virtually no Asian forests are sustainably managed.

The use of fiberboard, particle board and plywood in furniture does save on the amount of lumber that has to be harvested to make the product, and has less lumber waste associated with its manufacture. However, these products may include toxic adhesive components. Many countries are introducing more stringent requirements on the chemicals that can be used in adhesives, but there are still many countries who do not have any restrictions and enforcement of the US regulations is difficult and spotty.

Furniture also uses almost 1/3 of the polyurethane foam that is made worldwide, and it is wholly petrochemical based. Some upholstery manufacturers are now using “bio-foam” which has some level of soy-based foam as a component. Complete soy foam does not yet have the durability and resilience needed, but the foam manufacturers are working to increase that percentage and make progress each year. The automobile companies have been in the forefront of requiring recylcability for their products and the foam used in car seating has helped the process for furniture manufacturers who are willing to pay the premium for bio-foam. The other eco-friendly alternatives are down and natural latex, and are most often found in custom upholstery.

Fabrics used in furniture also have an eco-friendly component available as well. Certified organic textiles such as cotton are grown with no pesticides and herbicides, but still require a great deal of water to sustain the long growing cycle and requires a more limited climate to …

The Future of Furniture is Eco Friendly

People try to decimate and furnish their homes with the most convenient and comfortable home furnishings that they can afford as there home is the recluse from all the day’s exertion and they sure want to make it as comfortable and homely as possible. Your home is your heaven where you can simply be yourself without pretending.

The Future of Furniture is Eco Friendly

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Some people love to decorate their home with simple furniture styles while others try to spend endless money buying the most expensive furniture but what they seem to forget is that there sure is no connection between the price and the comfort of the home furnishing as simple styled home furnishings can also provide you comfort and be functional plus make you relax and forget your daily stresses.

There are different types of home furnishing available for people to choose from and they certainly try to choose the theme that they think works best for them like

Eco friendly Furnishing:

People who are environmental conscious prefer to use soy based cushions or use upholstery of recycled polyester. Cotton, jute and other natural fibers are also used for designing environmental conscious furnishings.

Vintage styled furniture is adored by people who like the classic look and believe in antique pieces. Most of the people not only love the antique pieces but also prefer royal fabrics that aloes adds to their classical look. This is the reason that they love the idea of using a cashmere bed throw and prefer to use a silk comforter that makes them feel like royalty.

While there are people who just like the idea of being surrounded by beautiful things. They opt for beautiful decorations and they prefer to use sequined cushions and fur along with contemporary look plus they also prefer graphic designs and scale prints as they are the latest trend.

Beauty isn’t the only requirement of home furnishing as the functional element is preferred by most as we certainly buy home furnishing for our comfort so the usefulness of the furnishing is quite important and contributes in the purchasing power of people. People have come to understand the functional aspect along with the beauty of the home furnishing. Now people prefer to use fabrics for their home furnishing that have anti -microbial and hypo- allergenic properties as people are becoming more health conscious. Durability and the easiness to use the furnishings is an important factor that helps people to but the best suited product.

Home decor doesn’t end with home furnishing as it also has to blend with the color of the surroundings, the walls and floor also need equal attention so that they can create a lovely home for you to relax in.  You always need to plan beforehand and then buy the suitable home furnishing as you have to consider the functional aspect along with the budget of your home decor as things that are not planned beforehand don’t turn out right in the end.

Online store also have different options for you …