When Workplace Bullying Is a Feature, Not a Bug

Bullying has become very common in contemporary workplaces. While commonly viewed as a disruptive and harmful element, what if bullying is more than just an unfortunate byproduct of organizational dynamics?The overuse and abuse of noncompete agreements has forced state governments have had to step in.  Sometimes, bullying is not just a bug but a trait built in. This article will discuss the unsettling real aspect of corporate culture, deliberately or inadvertently cultivated by leadership.

When Workplace Bullying Is a Feature, Not a Bug

Using workers as goods

A lot of people abuse and overuse noncompete clauses in job contracts. Some state governments have had to step in to stop it. The widespread use of non-compete agreements in many areas locks workers into harmful environments. They also lower their wages because they can’t find better work elsewhere. Abuse of non-disclosure agreements is even worse. These papers, commonly known as the feared NDA, are only used to silence workers. This way, bad managers and predators can avoid being held responsible and continue their rule of terror. NDAs cover lousy behavior in two main ways. People who are harassed, discriminated against, or abused are sometimes paid to leave in exchange for an order not to talk about what happened. In other cases, the abuser is fired, but mutual NDAs are used by both sides to escape trouble.

Greed Glorified

It is well known that pay gaps between executives in some businesses are pathetic. Even in higher-paying jobs, there is a lot of …