Beware of Green Products That Aren’t Really Green

Like a growing number of the world’s population I hold to the belief that protection of the environment is of the utmost importance; and that the new role for our political leaders is to work with each other to solve the pressing problems of climate change, impending food and water shortages, and the on-going pollution of the planet. It is becoming more and more obvious to more and more people that the ideological clash between left and right, conservative and liberal, radical and moderate is only of secondary importance to green issues.

Beware of Green Products That Aren't Really Green

Quite simply put, without a world there is no politics, injustice or capitalism. Think of that recent movie ‘The Road.’ Once eco-armageddon hits all of society and its mores collapse. Humans degenerate into cannibals.

I expect that I’m largely preaching to the converted but I needed to state my position so I can introduce my topic. I want to discuss how buying ‘green’ is another consumer trend that big business and internet marketers are exploiting to make money and to do this they are not performing due diligence. Namely, they are not really interested in checking to see if a ‘green’ product is really environmentally friendly.

My first example is the light bulb. We all realize that the incandescent bulb is not the best. It takes valuable resources to make and has a life expectancy of only a year or so. On top of that they use a lot of electricity compared to LED lights. Indeed LED lights are the way forward. They can be easily connected to solar panels via batteries, they last a long time and they are cheap to produce. The only problem is that LED lights often don’t give out enough light. At this point enters the villain, the CFL or Compact Fluorescent Light …

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Hand Tools, Green Wood green revolution wikipedia in english

green revolution strategy in pakistanIt reduces our dependence on fossil fuels: According to Cargill, a multi-national producer of agricultural and industrial items, like BiOH polyol (the soy” portion of soy foam”), the soy primarily based portion of so known as ‘soy foam’ ranges from five% up to a theoretical 40% of polyurethane foam formulations. This signifies that while suppliers might claim that ‘bio foams’ are based on renewable supplies such as soy, in reality a whopping 90 to 95%, and sometimes a lot more of the product consists of the exact same old petro-chemical based brew of toxic chemical compounds. This is no ‘leap forward in foam technology’.

This episode illustrates the nature of significantly of the evidence which follows. It is only when some tragedy happens or when some grievance wants to be redressed that the underground existence of the miner comes to public focus. But even then it is extremely difficult for those who have not worked in a mine to imagine the circumstances, even if vividly depicted. From numerous scattered references and a couple of more detailed accounts we are even so, in a position to develop up a fairly comprehensive image of function in regional collieries in the period ahead of the emergence of modern legislation and technologies ended mining practices which, in some approaches, had changed small given that the Middle Ages.Hand Tools, Green Wood green revolution wikipedia in english

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How To Grill Tri Tip On A Massive Green

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Watch “The World Academy Of Science, Engineering And Technology

green infrastructure concepts pdfPfammatter, Ulrich. 2008. Creating the Future: Creating Technologies and Cultural History from the Industrial Revolution till Right now. Munich New York: Prestel. Jonge, Wessel de, and Arjan Doolaar, eds. 1998. The Fair Face of Concrete: Conservation and Repair of Exposed Concrete. Preservation Technology Dossier 2. Eindhoven: Docomomo International, Eindhoven University of Technologies.

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Hand Tools, Green Woodgreen revolution

green technology palembangInternational Operating-Celebration for Documentation and Conservation of Buildings Internet sites and Neighbourhoods of the Modern Movement. 2006. Climate and Developing Physics in the Contemporary Movement. Preservation Technologies Dossier 9. Paris: Docomomo International. Henket, Hubert-Jan, and Wessel de Jonge, eds. 1991. Conference Proceedings: 1st International DOCOMOMO Conference, September 12-15, 1990. Eindhoven, Netherlands: Eindhoven University of Technologies.

International Functioning-Party for Documentation and Conservation of Buildings Web sites and Neighbourhoods of the Modern day Movement. 2003. Stone in Modern Buildings: Principles of Cladding. Preservation Technology Dossier …

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Benefits of Hiring/Being a Virtual Assistant

The age of the secretaries and administrative assistants has changed dramatically as technology has revolutionized how business is being done. From top level executives to marketing departments, hiring an online virtual assistant has evolved time consuming tasks like customer service, checking emails sending mass mailings and scheduling appointments from a one personal request to a computerized command sent to someone you may never actually meet but will pay each week regardless. This has employed freelancers all over the world who are trying to earn a passive income, and has saved employers thousands of dollars in operating costs in health insurance through contracting. 

Benefits of Hiring/Being a Virtual Assistant

Benefits for the Company

Virtual assistants are human beings. They are contracted freelancers that earn a passive or even an active income by working from home by completing the tasks that you don’t want to. Have a lot of customer service sales and inquiries? Have a separate telephone number that is sent directly to your virtual assistant. Have a lot of emails? They will check them. These are just a few of the many tasks that they are capable of. Any office duty that can be done by computer at the office can be done by a virtual assistant with the use of a phone and a computer. The benefits? Savings in time and money. Companies that hire these contractors are relieved from shelling out benefits, including pensions, health insurance and more, which is substantial in their payroll. Contractors are responsible for paying their own taxes at the end of the year.

Benefits for Freelancers

Most freelancers can take on more than one client at a time. Therefore, they are able to work as much or as little as they want to depending on how much they want to earn or how much time they have. Some companies have a …

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Building A Brand And Working To Sustain It Once It Has Been Established

One great thing that people can realize from social media is that it allows you to market to the masses. You are not bound to your geographical location anymore. If you have what it takes to run a business successfully you can expand beyond your territory. In other words, social media is the catapult to success for those that have great products. All that you really need is the ability to push yourself in the right directions. Your audience is always changing, and it serves you well to know who you are trying to connect to. In one aspect marketing to the masses is a good thing, but you will eventually realize that niche marketing is going to be more profitable. It is not going to be a blanket statement that tries to reach everyone. It is true that you may be able to use your mass marketing to branch out and build an audience, but eventually you will need to see who your niche market is. You’re going to need to get familiar with those that are actually trying to patronize you based on a specific product or service that you are offering. 

Building A Brand And Working To Sustain It Once It Has Been Established

Getting The Proper Niche Concept

What you will inevitably find is that there is a niche market campaign that will help you much more than any type of mass marking that you may be considering. You may be more inclined to look at a cannabis branding agency, for example, if you are marketing cannabis. These are the things that you must pay attention to if you are trying to change the outcome of your marketing campaign. You may have been doing something that would serves as a broad marketing ad, but it may not be reaching the core audience that you really need to connect …

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