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Does second-hand vapor cause harm to the environment?

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Though it is true that vaping has been around since 2004, the real increase in vaping has happened few years ago when the industry eliminated the shady companies and presented the users with a variety of vaping devices which are easy to use. Since then the entire vaping community has been under too much pressure due to the comments and remarks that they’ve been gaining from the vaping opponents. The entire dilemma has always been covered by the mainstream media.

One of the most discussed issues is the danger associated with second-hand vaping. Just as the smokers, the vapers too have been accused of causing air pollution and exposing children and adults to the dangers of second-hand vapor. It was proved then that vaping has seriously impairs the quality of indoor air as well because it deposits harmful substances.

But is it the case?

Vaping is different from smoking and vaping doesn’t leave out cigarette smoke which comprises of 7000 chemicals among which 70 are carcinogenic. With regards to e-cigarettes, the e-liquid contains few ingredients which doesn’t produce any toxic substances as compared to tobacco cigarettes. This is what the scientists proved in their recent studies.

Vaping doesn’t impair quality of indoor air

There was a study that concluded that e-cigarettes, even when they’re used in a thoroughly ventilated room accounted for a 20% increase in PAHs pr polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, a 2.4 fold increase in aluminium and also a slight increase in the level of air pollutants.

Doesn’t that sound scary enough?

Recently, there was another study which came up with conclusions which were dramatically different. They examined the quality of air within the households where there were evidence of indoor vaping and smoking and then that was compared with the quality of air of the households which were both vapor and smoke free. Almost 45 homes were compared and there was no difference in the data.

The researchers later on concluded that there was no difference in the distribution of particles that was found among the 45 homes which were surveyed. No matter they smoked or vaped, there was no such difference to the quality of indoor air. Second-hand vaping is not harmful and hence you can always continue to vape without causing enough harm to the environment.

Therefore, when you are wondering about the impact of vaping on the environment, you can be sure that the effect is much less than the tobacco cigarettes.