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Green Product For the Home Or Garden

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Green Product For the Home Or Garden

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When you are talking about going green there are literally thousands of products on the market to help you out. The question you must ask yourself first is just how green do you want to go and how fast? Many people are finding the easiest answer is to work at the process incrementally. This means you do not have to strip your home down to bare walls and start all over, but replace regular products with green products when the opportunity arises. For instance when it comes time to repaint your living room why not choose a “green” paint such as Nutra Paint from Benjamin Moore? Below are a few more environmentally friendly products you could choose.

Green Oil

Spring and summer come around every year which means it is time to mow and weed eat your lawn. Why not try a biodegradable two-cycle engine oil this year? These products are not made from traditional petroleum bases which makes them much safer for the environment overall. They work just as well as the two-cycle oil you have been using for years.

Shopping Bags

How would you like to decrease the number of plastic bags in America’s landfills? Green eco friendly grocery bags are a cheap and efficient way to accomplish this goal. For a few dollars you can purchase reusable grocery bags and even reusable produce bags. Make shopping more fun and environmentally friendly with these neat little bags.

Household Products

Another area where it is easy to make small consistent changes is in your household products. Instead of your regular laundry detergent, why not try one of the many eco friendly laundry soaps? Many of these products use essential oils for fragrance instead of harsh chemicals and most are created from natural plant based ingredients. Save the planet a little every time you do a load of laundry.

You can also choose from a wide variety of cleaners, diapers and even clothing that are all environmentally friendly. Green products are cropping up everywhere you look and across a variety of product lines. Before you know it your home will be filled with earth friendly products you can be proud to use.

Major Changes

After awhile you may find it is time to make some major changes in your home. Refinishing floors, furniture and even insulation can all be done with eco friendly products. Manufacturers have discovered that people are more interested in these products and are working overtime to provide them. Insulation made of recycled paper, natural wood stains created from the byproducts of the dairy industry and odorless paints are but a few of the many home improvement products you could use.


Going green does not have to be a difficult process; you do not have to go off the grid to do your part to save the world. Small changes made in your everyday life can have a big impact over time without inconveniencing you at all.