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A Guide to Using Green Product Natural Degreasers for Auto Detailing

A Guide to Using Green Product Natural Degreasers for Auto Detailing
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Most cleaning professionals prefer to use a natural degreaser or other cleaning solution for auto detailing over toxic commercial detergents, irrespective of the cleaning machine they use. Detailers may use carpet cleaners, pressure washers, or even steam cleaners for auto detailing, the power of which can be enhanced through the addition of a cleaning solution. Let’s examine the options available.

How Cleaning Solutions Work

The job of a cleaning solution is to enhance the cleaning power of the machine to effectively eliminate several different stains and dirt. These solutions weaken or break the bond between dirt and the surface to be cleaned. The stronger the cleaning chemical, the greater chance that this bond will be broken. The weaker the bond between impurities and surface, the easier it is for the cleaning machines to remove all residues. However, potent chemicals can have drawbacks.

The Need for Green Chemicals

There are two types of cleaning chemicals: artificial detergents and green chemicals. Artificial detergents are chemically synthesized products, which have been popular until a few decades ago. Their cleaning efficiency and ease of use attracted many unsuspecting customers. However, scientific studies have revealed that these artificial chemicals leave toxic residues on the surfaces. In other words, many of these products leave behind more toxic substances than they remove. Besides, they are not readily biodegradable. When washed away, the environment may be damaged as well.

The findings of these scientific studies set the stage for the arrival of green chemicals. There are many kinds of green chemicals, such as natural degreaser products, natural car wash chemicals, green glass cleaners, and more. These solutions are derived completely from plants and vegetables. Unlike artificial detergents, green chemicals decompose quickly and completely, ensuring the safety of the environment. They do not leave any toxic residues on the surfaces where they are applied.

Advantages of a Natural Degreaser

A natural degreaser helps remove grease and oil spills from engine components of automobiles as efficiently as any artificial products do. Some of the products are, in fact, more efficient than artificial products. The high cleaning power of these products is attributed to a unique nano-based technology that provides the cleaning power in green products. The technology involves releasing small, nano-sized particles onto the surfaces. These particles infiltrate into the surfaces and weaken or break the bonds between impurities and surfaces. Dirt and grease particles are then encapsulated and emulsified for fast removal by washing or wiping them away.

How to Select Green Products for Auto Detailing

Using artificial chemicals for auto detailing is dangerous. It not only affects the health of cleaning workers and vehicle owners but ruins the health of the environment too. Therefore, green chemicals are necessary for auto detailing.

Selecting a good green product is not an easy task. The market is flooded with a variety of green products, for example, a green car wash, green degreasers, and industrial degreaser solutions. Some of these products are genuinely green, while others are not.

Genuine green degreasers are completely derived from plants and vegetables and hence do not contain any harmful ingredients. Customers may check the ingredients of these products and research the toxic nature of each substance. MSDS sheets listing composition details should be readily available from trusted suppliers.

Besides, the ingredients in genuine green industrial degreaser products will biodegrade almost completely within about four weeks.

How to Make the Best Use of Green Products

A combination of green products and electric power washers provides the best eco-friendly effect. Electric power washers do not produce any exhaust or noise. In other words, these machines do not cause any harm to the environment. Using these machines for auto detailing along with a green degreaser provides the best cleaning results and ensures no toxic substances are left on the surface or in the environment.