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Back Acne Is A Common Problem With Many People

Back Acne Is A Common Problem With Many People
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Back Acne Is A Common Problem With Many People

Back acne is more common than many people think. While it can be hidden easier with clothing, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a concern for that individual. It can be very difficult to get rid of acne in that location. It can also be very uncomfortable due to leaning in chairs or in the car. That friction there can also further irritate the skin, creating more acne problems.

Back Acne Can Also Be Quite Embarrassing For Someone To Deal With

If they have a partner or they are dating, they could be very self conscious about being intimate. No one wants to tell someone that they would love to get close to that they have a severe problem with acne on their back. Acne in this location can also limit the types of clothing that someone is able to wear. That is especially true during the summer months.

Cause Of Back Acne

One of the reasons that people can develop back acne has to do with the glands there that can produce extra amounts of oil. There can be various types of pimples or lesions that develop there. It is common for cysts to be able to form with this type of acne. That is due to the back having larger pores than what a person typically has on their face.

Some individuals have acne on their face and their back. Others just have it on their back or just on their face. It seems that males are more likely to suffer from this type of acne. However, women do experience it as well. Sometimes, acne on the back is a problem due to a person sweating excessively and then not being able to shower afterwards.

If you workout then you need to try to wash well before you go about your other tasks. At the very least, you should have a clean shirt with you that you can change into until you are able to take a shower. It is important to evaluate what you use to clean your skin too.

When the skin gets irritated by various ingredients in soaps and cleansers, then acne can develop. If you continue to use such products, then the situation isn’t going to clear up. It may be worth it to go with a more skin-friendly product and see how your acne clears up in a couple of weeks.


Make sure you have a way to wash your back well if you have acne. A scrubber may be irritating the skin even further. You don’t want to be opening up the pimples and allowing bacteria to get into them. Soaking in a bathtub can help you to properly wash your back with ease.

Make sure you wear shirts that are going to allow your skin to breathe too. For example, those that are made from cotton. When your skin is too airtight, then you will find that it becomes a breeding grown for bacteria. That will allow more acne problems to manifest on your back.