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Green Products Furniture
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Recently climate change and pollution have become polarizing words and though experts may disagree about whether or not the ice caps are melting most people can tell that something is happening to the world. Really, when is the last time New York could boast a 70-degree day in January? Shorter milder winters and drastic weather around the world lends credence to the global warming theory. With all that, being said what could one person or family do to make a difference. The problem seems so monumentally huge and the idea of selling all the appliances and living off the land simply does not appeal to many. The good news is by using green products and making small changes in your life you can have a big impact on the environment.

Green Products Furniture

Light Bulbs

Something as small, as changing your light bulbs can have a positive impact on the environment. Research suggests that if everyone switched five regular light bulbs in their home for the new CLF bulbs it would save enough electricity in a year to close 21 power plants. Now this is a green product that would be simple to use and will save you money in the long run. You see saving the planet does not have to mean taking drastic measures; simple tasks can mean a lot.

Home Improvement

You can also use several different green products for your next home improvement project that goes a bit beyond changing the light bulbs. Painting is a very basic way to improve the look of your home; however, most latex paints smell atrocious and contain harmful chemicals. Benjamin Moore paints now offers an environmentally friendly option with their Natural paint. It is completely odorless and contains no VOC colorants.

When you have wood floors or furnishings that you would like to refinish there is an environmentally friendly product for that as well. Poly Whey protein is a byproduct of the dairy industry that has been transformed into many different products, the latest of which is a beautiful furniture finish. This product is just as durable and beautiful as its petroleum based counter parts and surpasses the strictest indoor air quality standards.


Did you know there are environmentally friendly clothing options? Manufacturers have paid attention to the demand for greener products and developed organic cotton, bamboo and hemp clothing for the eco conscious consumer. These pieces of clothing offer comfort and style while being more environmentally sound.

Bamboo and hemp are two very fast growing natural crops that require no pesticides or fertilizers. In fact, bamboo can grow up to three feet in one single day! Talk about a sustainable resource! Thanks to advancements in technology, bamboo can now be processed into material for clothing and the result is a feel of cashmere and silk.


Whether you want to make big changes or simply go green at a slower pace there is a product for that. You do not have to give up bathing, electricity and every other modern convenience to help the planet, in fact, changes are best made incrementally. Rome was not built in a day and neither will a green society but with everyone using more and more green products it is amazing how fast we can all make a difference.