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How Advertising Platforms Can Help Boost Your Business

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How Advertising Platforms Can Help Boost Your Business

Today’s fast-paced and fiercely competitive business market has made advertisers think twice about the way they market products to consumers. The advent of smartphones, tablets, and laptops has left consumers hyper-connected with various forms of media and content. To say that consumers might be experiencing “ad-fatigue,” from the constant bombardment of ads, would be an understatement.

Therefore, advertisers and online marketers have found creative ways to target consumers. Sponsored or branded content, social media marketing, and content marketing are all a few clever ways that advertisers use to entice consumers to buy their products. Of all these forms of internet marketing, native advertising is the one consumers recognize the most.

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is paid ads that are integrated into the content in which they appear. They flow seamlessly with whatever content appears on the same page. Usually, they are found in social media feeds or ‘recommended’ on a web page. Typically, native ads don’t look like traditional display ads, which is the entire point of native advertising, it blends in.

Native advertising works for several reasons; first, it helps alleviate ad-fatigue within consumers, second, it’s an effective form of advertising. Research has shown that consumers view native ads 53 percent more than traditional forms of advertisements. Additionally, native ads increase purchase intent from consumers by nearly 18 percent. Not to mention that consumers engage with native ads on a slightly higher level.

What Are the Different Forms of Native Advertising?

Depending on the content published or the publication, native ads take a specific form. Experts contend that native ads help focus on targeted audiences while using different types of media, thus ads are created with the intent to engage consumers. Engagement with an audience is one of the most crucial components of native advertising.

The most common form of native advertising is in-feed ads. In-feed ads are meant to camouflage with the surrounding content so as not to be obvious to the consumer. Usually, these ads appear in news feeds on social networks. While in-feed advertising is the most common form of native advertising, they can be challenging. It’s important for an advertiser to find the right publication for in-feed ads.

In addition to in-feed ads, other forms of native advertising include search/promoted listings appear at the top or sidebar of search result pages such as Google or Bing. Recommended content are recommended articles that usually appear below an article. Recommended content is provided by content discovery platforms.

What Are Native Advertising Platforms?

A native ad platform is a helpful tool for both publishers and advertisers. Online marketing platforms use web-based technologies to buy and sell advertising space. It is a platform that specifically focuses in native advertising.

In today’s fast-paced online world, it’s imperative to reach as many people as possible. Which is why native advertising platforms are so important. They allow content to be spread as far and as wide as possible, through various media formats in real time.